What Is SIZE:me’d?

Would you like your pattern SIZE:me’d?

SIZE:me will create a bespoke pattern from your individual measurements so that it’s just your size and truly SIZE:me!!

Take the stress away from fitting and let us deal with it. Enter your measurements and let SIZE:me do the hard work.

All of the designs are available as a SIZE:me’d pattern. Simply select SIZE:me’d in the shop.

Perfect if you often struggle with fit from standard patterns.

How To Order

Once you have selected you’re pattern in the SIZE:me’d section of the shop you will be asked if you have ordered a SIZE:me’d pattern previously.


The first time select NO and it will drop down a list of measurements required. Once entered and the purchase is completed this will set up your SIZE:me account, any further purchases you will be asked to confirm if they are still correct.


It’s incredibly important that you measure correctly but don’t stress there is a guide to help you so please watch it, do not assume that you know as this is the very basis on which the pattern is designed and if they are wrong the pattern will not fit correctly!


Once you have entered your measurements and proceeded through the checkout you will receive an email with your instruction and pattern ready to print as A4 or A0 copy shop within 2 working days.

Below is a video explaining how to take measurements for your SIZE:me products.


SIZE:me cannot guarantee the final fit of the sewn garment, as it is completely dependent on the individual’s ability to take proper measurements, the choice of fabric and skills. Each pattern is designed for specific fabrics and choosing a different fabric from what is recommend will affect the fit.

Customers are responsible to test the fit of all patterns and shrinkage of the fabric before they cut the fabric. SIZE:me hold no responsibility for the final sewn result and choice of fabric.